Is this Ronaldinho's best goal ever?
We are looking for Ronaldinho's best goal ever. Vote for yours and win a jersey signed by the Brazilian superstar.



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  • FC Barcelona
    FC Barcelona

    What was Ronaldinho's best goal for Barça? Vote & win a signed jersey 👉

    • Muhammed Haneesh
      Muhammed Haneesh

      One replay

    • Visca Barça
      Visca Barça

      Ronaldinho= KING 👑

    • It Pennywise 666
      It Pennywise 666

      Vamooos Barçaaaaa 💙❤💙❤💙❤

    • Jaeger_Boss19

      @Ødegåård 21 what the fuck? Care to explain?

    • WHITE 222
      WHITE 222

      Les tengo un jugador que podría ser una nueva promesa del fútbol mundial

  • OMGRONNYbelikenocap

    Ronaldinho the 🐐

  • Mubdi Jaidi
    Mubdi Jaidi

    Jersey number 10 messi and ronaldinho barca

  • Edwin Wejuli
    Edwin Wejuli

    The one against Chelsea

  • ambesh karanjit
    ambesh karanjit


  • Guilherme Henrique
    Guilherme Henrique

    Agains Sevilla, best gol ver!! Can you imagine you making this on final Champions? Absolutely amazing..

  • Muhammed Haneesh
    Muhammed Haneesh

    One replay 🙏

  • emil ramazanov
    emil ramazanov

    1:25 legendary goal . . .

  • EiJi Lee
    EiJi Lee

    Miss him. He is an amazing player and so entertaining to watch when he has the ball 👍🏼

  • hadi Hammoud
    hadi Hammoud

    My best players is R10💘

  • PALO FF🇦🇷
    PALO FF🇦🇷

    Este es el papi de messi maradona el abuelo

  • rastaman rastaman
    rastaman rastaman

    Ousmane Dembele, c’est un raciste. Antoine Griezemann, c’est un raciste. FC Barcelone, ’est un groupe raciste. Ils s’excusent. “C’est une blague, pas du racisme.” Si les victimes du racisme étaient de nationalité africaine, les Français et espagnols diraient que c’est du racisme. Si les victimes du racisme étaient des Asiatiques, les Français et espagnols diraient que ce n’est pas du racisme. Ils s’excusent. “C’est une blague, pas du racisme.” Les citoyens européens insistent. “Le racisme contre les Asiatiques n’est pas du racisme.” Les européens ignorent le racisme à l’encontre des Asiatiques. Ignorer, c’est du racisme. Le silence, c’est l’adhésion au racisme. Je suis japonais. Je suis asiatique. Les Asiatiques pensent que cela ne peut pas être arrêté comme une blague. Les Asiatiques protestent contre le racisme. Désormais, les Asiatiques ne seront plus réduits au silence. Les citoyens européens devraient reconnaître le racisme à l’encontre des Asiatiques comme du racisme. Vous devriez reconnaître. Que c’est du racisme.



  • billy


  • RNG-Bananaツ

    Ronaldinho what a beast one of the best players in the world. By skills he’s the best in the world no doubt

  • rastaman rastaman
    rastaman rastaman

    Soy japonés. Me di cuenta del hecho. El Barça es un conjunto de racistas. Los jugadores del Barça no piensan en los asiáticos como seres humanos. Debe poner fin a la discriminación contra los asiáticos.

  • Niniyead Arefin
    Niniyead Arefin

    He is the greatest footballer ever to touch football.

  • Thapelo Afrika
    Thapelo Afrika

    He had a best goal ever every week....pick one

  • Mostafa1384 Mir rahimi
    Mostafa1384 Mir rahimi

    Ronaldinho is known as the destroyer of Sergio Ramos😂💙❤️

  • محمد الناهي IQ
    محمد الناهي IQ

    ثاني افضل لاعب في برشا❤ الأول ليو ميسي ❤

  • Denish Chaudhary
    Denish Chaudhary

    A history full of greatness R10 legend.

  • Omario 482
    Omario 482

    1:26 The laws of nature that were defied that minute

  • Abir Joy
    Abir Joy

    The legend who assisted another legend......


    The free-kick of WC 2002...😍😎❤️



  • Александр Даркин
    Александр Даркин

    Ronaldinho Ronaldinho Ronaldinho Ronaldinho Ronaldinho Ronaldinho Ronaldinho Ronaldinho Ronaldinho Ronaldinho Ronaldinho Ronaldinho Ronaldinho Ronaldinho

  • Filip Nică
    Filip Nică

    The one against Villareall In 2007/2008 season

  • Bipin Shahi
    Bipin Shahi

    FC Barcelona must sign me before it's too late. Otherwise the world is going to be hit by another massive E=MC^2.

  • YO yo
    YO yo

    He was the best

  • Jarlinton Reyes
    Jarlinton Reyes


  • Asish Varghese Neil
    Asish Varghese Neil

    The Smiling Assassin

  • Aqib Logan
    Aqib Logan

    Amazing. Can I have that music name please

  • D mo
    D mo

    Every goal was fantastic by Ronaldinho but the best one for me was the Chilena at 2:39

  • Alfredo Rodriguez
    Alfredo Rodriguez

    The master!

  • Thiago vallejos
    Thiago vallejos


  • Pablo Montaña
    Pablo Montaña

    Vs Villareal

  • Sports world HD
    Sports world HD

    We love all barca legends a lot

  • Jhon Peters
    Jhon Peters

    Ronaldinho is the King of the football ever⚽👑🤴

  • Lakshytosh joshi
    Lakshytosh joshi

    LEGEND ❤❤❤❤

  • Satkar Pandit
    Satkar Pandit

    Absolutely marvellous 👑👑💎❤️❤️😍

  • V. César
    V. César

    This Guy is the best Magician Ever.

  • Sushil Gupta
    Sushil Gupta

    Legends never die

  • محمد افلام
    محمد افلام


  • Lil_bish MR
    Lil_bish MR

    FC Barcelona is it true that messi is leaving Barca 🙁☹️☹️

  • قناه مسله
    قناه مسله

    FC Barcelona

  • 三木魔宇巣

    ¿Está bien dejar que los racistas jueguen al fútbol? Est-il acceptable de laisser les racistes jouer au football ? Is it okay to let racists play soccer? 人種差別をする人に伸び伸びとサッカーをやらせていいのか? 👩🏿‍🦲🖕👎👩🏼‍🦱


    I miss him a lot Thanks for good memories

  • ViperYT

    Its FC Barçelona

  • Muhammed Fahad 40 X-H
    Muhammed Fahad 40 X-H

    There is no best goal with Ronaldinho. Every goal he scored was best in its own way

  • Gaba Goluza
    Gaba Goluza

    Goal number 1

  • Valdemar Delin
    Valdemar Delin

    Be 4

  • Al gabbar al bilani Al kaattarabi
    Al gabbar al bilani Al kaattarabi

    Dembele racist

  • Iliya Zakerzadeh
    Iliya Zakerzadeh

    All of them worth puskas award

  • 테슬라 Tesla
    테슬라 Tesla

    Dembelle should aplogize what he did in Japan.

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader

    He makes football look beautiful ❤️

  • Michael Varollo
    Michael Varollo

    É o bruxo

  • Kevin Díaz
    Kevin Díaz

    Sin duda el mejor jugador que tuvieron como culé

  • حسن إدريس حسن
    حسن إدريس حسن


  • Abdullah 88 Abdullah
    Abdullah 88 Abdullah


  • Śímbá Éĺ Ĺéóń Ŕíćhfóŕd
    Śímbá Éĺ Ĺéóń Ŕíćhfóŕd

    The ultimate best player among them all

  • Sport Dx
    Sport Dx

    Messi better than ronaldinho

  • Oğuz Aydın
    Oğuz Aydın


  • •Always Barcelona•
    •Always Barcelona•

    R10= 🐐🐐🐐

  • Karen McCulla
    Karen McCulla

    R10 is the past messi

  • Logan Mega
    Logan Mega

    I don't understand why pep sold himi

  • Daniel Etiel
    Daniel Etiel


  • 7As crazy
    7As crazy

    Thank you lione Messi ❤️. Lionel Messi is leaving Barcelona??

  • edtuin

    I think he is the only player who is loved by everyone

  • kishan kr
    kishan kr

    A game changing signing for Barcelona

  • César Chayna
    César Chayna

    Hermoso el vídeo,genio,crack,el gran Ronaldinho,hubiese sido el mejor del planeta, lamentablemente su indisciplina le paso factura,💪🏼🔵🔴

  • Ilya Paiva
    Ilya Paiva

    Hey Barca, I'm just asking, since messi is now a free agent, how do you feel Sad = 1 - 4 Ok/meh = 5 - 6 Happy 7 - 10

    • Ilya Paiva
      Ilya Paiva


  • Oladayo Lawrence
    Oladayo Lawrence


  • Sabirko Ibrahim
    Sabirko Ibrahim

    The odd thing Grezman is also FC plyer😏😏

  • Mahad Ismail
    Mahad Ismail

    Hard to choose one every goal was so brilliant


    Buy Haland👍❤️🌹

  • The King 10
    The King 10

    Messi > Yes Ronaldinho > Forever King 10

  • حساني

    رنالدنيو 💓💓💓

  • Andrei Ungheanu
    Andrei Ungheanu

    Ronaldinho is my idolo

  • danger code
    danger code

    I love Barcelona for Ronaldinho

  • Sʏᴇᴅ Hᴜꜱᴀʏɴ Aʟɪ
    Sʏᴇᴅ Hᴜꜱᴀʏɴ Aʟɪ

    ❤ The Best In The World 💙

  • _ DiUs _
    _ DiUs _

    He is vizard


    Ronaldinho legend 👍👍

  • #hobi hu
    #hobi hu

    He is best player we never forget and his goal 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Ishtiak Orchid
    Ishtiak Orchid

    Please, make a video on his super creative skills too!

  • Ishtiak Orchid
    Ishtiak Orchid

    I was watching this with sparkling eyes, while attending online class. My elder sister came to check if I was doing classes properly. But, she started watching this too instead, and forgot why she came in to my room!!THIS MAN IS FIRE!! It's IMPOSSIBLE to hate him!!🤩🔥

  • Benaiah Entertainment
    Benaiah Entertainment

    My favourite footballer ever

  • R Sarathi
    R Sarathi


  • Ronit Roy
    Ronit Roy

    The actual dribbling god before messi Its messi era It was dinho's era Hope another dribble king is in making for barca ♡(ӦvӦ。)

  • 김민규

    Sell the fucking racist dembele

  • Ámâľ

    Ronaldinho the definition of the beautiful game....⚽️

  • Ámâľ

    There is not a single player who can play like Ronaldinho and there won't be anyone like him....One of a kind....Magician...🤴

  • Daniel Faiz
    Daniel Faiz

    he was the best ever for me

  • Alex PS
    Alex PS

    Isso é para eternidade

  • Alberto Fernandez
    Alberto Fernandez


  • Ayman Alneser
    Ayman Alneser


  • Mokshed Mokku
    Mokshed Mokku

    Better than CR7, founder of no look tricks and rabonna🥵

  • ThePandaRL

    So u guys are just gonna ignore messis contract

  • Насриддин Юлдошев
    Насриддин Юлдошев

    меси зор

    • Насриддин Юлдошев
      Насриддин Юлдошев

      Ака меси зор

  • Aristeo Martinez
    Aristeo Martinez

    Ronaldhino fue el heredero de la magia de Maradona! Ya con eso esta dicho todo!

  • Siarkopool

    Music? Theme of the video? Anyone?

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